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Personalized 9 Piece Whiskey Stone Set Elegant Gift For Wine Lovers

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Personalized 9 Piece Whiskey Stone Set

Exquisitely carved into elegant and refined cubes, these whiskey rocks are a thing of beauty surrounded by the amber glow of a fine whiskey. Enjoy your whiskey on the rocks with nine stones. Crafted from non-porous soapstone, these flavour and odour-free whiskey rocks cool down your favourite spirits without closing down the flavours or diluting your fine bourbon or whiskey like regular ice does. Whiskey Stones are a new cool way to chill your beverage without diluting it as ice does when it melts.

These rocks and boxes make fantastic personal gifts for every whiskey lover in your life. They are perfect for groom’s party gifts at weddings, groomsman, groomsmen, best man, father of the bride or groom, birthdays, father's day, retirements, promotions, anniversaries and more!

To use, simply store these whiskey stones in your freezer and pop these whiskey stones into your glass when you feel the urge for a cool cocktail and instant chill.

  • Material Basalt

  • Measures 1" x 1" x 1"

  • 9 Pieces

  • Can be personalized

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