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Scotty the Singing Terrier Beautiful And Decorative Gift

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Quick Overview

Get Out of the Dog House with Scotty the Singing Terrier

No matter what you did (or didn't do), you can be certain she's not going to let you out of the doghouse without a genuine apology. To make sure you win over her affections, let Scotty the Scottish Terrier sing his way back into her heart for you.

Adorned in a cute red-and-black-checkered tie and Scottish-style hat, this musical plush terrier's elaborate mouth movements, puppy dog eyes, and gentle sway is certain to get her tail wagging again for you. Unlike those "I'm Sorry" cards that get thrown in the trash, she won't have the heart to toss Scotty aside as he sings his sad love song, "This Old Heart of Mine."

All you have to do is place Scotty where you know she'll find him. It won't take long before this adorable terrier's bleeding heart performance has her eating out of your hand.

Scotty also makes a great gift for anyone who has a soft spot for Scottish Terriers!

• Musical animated plush Scottish Terrier

• Sings "This Old Heart of Mine"

• Stands 12" tall

• Batteries included

• A great "get out of the doghouse" gift!

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Customer Reviews: Write a Review

Overall :
Posted On :
Review by Noelle
I bought this for my lovely daughter and she loves it! It is super soft, looks very nice, and the music is good too. It plays the whole melody and isn't too loud. She loves to walk around the house hugging it and listening to the music. The key to turn and play the music isn't too hard and I wouldn't worry about her hurting herself on it. Its quality and material is very soft! Super cute!
Overall :
Posted On :
Review by Aria
I love this soft toy! I was going to give it to somebody for Christmas, but once it arrived I decided that it would have to stay with me!! Quality is good, some may find it a little on the small side but that works well for myself.
Overall :
Posted On :
Review by Rylee
I wish that I could give this Scotty the Singing Terrier toy 10 stars! I love this just that much! I will definitely order from this shop again and recommend it to family and friends! I can't wait to give this to my lovely daughter on her birthday! Thank you so much Center Gifts!
Overall :
Posted On :
Review by Patti
My daughter's son received this and he was so happy, you could hear his chuckles of laughter.
He's 2 and you know how babies are when it comes to blissful things. It can be as simple as this singing puppy.
Overall :
Posted On :
Review by Maro
It felt so nice when my boyfriend presented me this Terrier after our fight that night. i had to forgive him. its beautiful isn't it?it reminds me of how he expressed his unending love to me that day.